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Experts in Point To Point Transportation

We are committed to providing affordable point to point transportation cover

We have extensive expertise in point-to-point transportation cover. Our highly trained staff will help you every step of the way from purchasing a cover to the management of any claims. Our understanding of the industry makes us confident to advise you on complex cover issues and help you to save an enormous amount of money.

Assurance Cover Australia

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A team of point to point transportation consultants are waiting for your call.

Why choose Assurance Cover Australia?

We provide outstanding value on your point to point transportation cover, personalised services when you are in need. We have been in the  industry for 30 plus years – that is why we understand the industry and the requirements of the same.

Low Membership Fees

As our customers told us they saved an extensive amount of money due to our flexible premium policy

Quick Response

Our claim processing team is fully trained to handle your case swiftly and within a short time frame.

Customised Cover

Our staff can customise your point-to-point transportation by understanding your business and & your requirements.

Expert in P to P Cover

We have been in the industry for more than 30 years, therefore we understand the point-to-point transportation cover and you can be confident in our advice.

Partner Repairers

We have partner repairers who can assist you as a priority with less paperwork.

Vehicle Towing

We will cover for towing to repairer or safe place *. Ask the Assurance Cover Australia team for more information

Get your cover at a Competitive Price

We are experts in point to point transportation cover. We can provide you cover according to your requirements at an affordable cost. Our experienced consultants will do analysis your requirements and required cover. 

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